We have listed some of our favorite places to eat out, where we know we can always count on good food!  Many ethnic restaurants serve vegan/vegetarian meals, and you should go outside your comfort zone and experience foods of other cultures!  We promise, you will learn to love new and different foods! Click on the red markers on the map below to see the different restaurants, with the complete list and a short description written out below! 

* indicates 100% Vegan establishment

  1. **Spiral Diner - A cute, quaint vegan place that has been in this location for a long time.  Be aware of oils and other plant based fats in their desserts.

  2. Kalachandji's - Vegetarian café located in a Buddhist temple, and you will love the atmosphere.  We always opt for the buffet. Be careful as some dishes do contain dairy, so be sure to ask! 

  3. **Loving Hut - Vegan eatery located off Midway Rd near Beltline.  Weekday Lunch buffet is great, never a wait!  Watch out for oil. FYI, No buffet on weekends.                             

  4. Addis Ababa - Delicious Ethiopian food near Central and Beltline. We always order the Vegetarian Sampler plate.  It comes with Injera Bread as your utensil; No forks, knives or spoons, just injera scooping bread!  You will not be disappointed! 

  5. HG Supply Company- Great food and lots of plant based options here. Located on lower Greenville, but usually crowded.  If you are not in a hurry, and enjoy people watching, this is a fun choice.  Or I'd suggest eating earlier to avoid the bigger crowds. Need too watch for the oils in dishes. Ask for ones that can be prepared without the oils.

  6. Green House Market- Located in Northpark Mall.  I have not personally been to this one, but it was recommended by a fellow Plant Based Dallas (PBD) member.  I looked at the menu online, and it appears to have ample plant based choices.  12 salads and 2 sandwiches to choose from for plant lovers.  Even has Chia Seed Pudding for dessert!

  7. **The Gem- located on the northwest corner of Preston and Forest, a nice place for a power juice, smoothie or salad.  Everything they offer is plant based, but they do use oils in some of their food offerings.  You'll need to check the individual ingredient list for oils.  In addition to foods, they offer an array of counseling sessions including De-Tox, Sugar Buster, Weight Management, Meal Planning, Cooking at Home, just to name a few.                   

  8. Salata- "The Next Generation Salad Bar", They have several locations in the Dallas area: Addison, Preston Center, Uptown, Downtown and many more in nearby suburb communities (i counted 15 in the DFW area).  Over 50 add-ons for your salad options!  VERY PLANT FRIENDLY! 

  9. True Food Kitchen-a very popular place located in the SE corner of Preston and Northwest Hwy.  Plenty of plant based options to choose from, as they offer a wide selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes.  Beware though, they include lots of oil in their cooking.  Next time we go there, I will try to ask if they can eliminate the oil.

  10. **Be Raw- Tiny café located on Berkshire Rd in Preston Center, where nothing is cooked, all raw!  About as healthy as you can get!   All organic, live (raw), vegan and gluten free! And their desserts are all dairy, gluten and sugar free!      

  11. Mudhen Meat and Greens-  Don't let the name fool you!  This place has lots of options for plant-based lovers.  They feature lots of veggies on a huge blackboard, and they star and serve only those that are in season.   Talk to your server and tell them you cannot eat meats, dairy or oils.  They were happy to tell us what we could have, and were willing to accommodate/alter a few dishes for us!  The outside patio is delightful, even in hot Texas weather.  This is a real gem located in the heart of downtown, near the Farmers Market.      

  12. **Nature's Plate- Two sisters opened up the original 100% WFPB storefront in 2015 near Northwest Highway and Ferndale Rd in East Dallas. They have opened up several more locations in and about Dallas. Plano and Preston/Forest are two I know of. In addition to excellent weekly meal plans, they also sell ready to eat food in their storefront.  Our favorites are Lasagana, Enchiladas, all their Bowls, Shepards Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mint Chocolate Chip cookies, Ginger cookies....They will also prepare larger family size servings or cater to your needs.  Feel free to call Annette or Mary Ann, and tell them Dianne sent you!

  13. Malai Kitchen-This is a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant recommended by Sunil, on our Plant Based Dallas website.  They have locations in Uptown, Southlake, and Dallas.  It is led by husband and wife team, Braden and Yasmin, whose food is inspired by their travels through Thailand and Vietnam.  Sunil said they are happy to prepare any curry without oil, adding tofu and brown rice.  "It turns out perfect", he added!  I have not yet been here, but will update as soon as we visit!  Thanks to Sunil for passing this along to me!

  14. Freshii- Located in downtown Dallas, this restaurant offers salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, soups and more. It is not a WFPB place, but has many options to accommodate a plant based WOE.  1412 Main Street, Suite 101.  Check out their hours before dropping in.

  15. Kuai Asian Kitchen - Whole food plant based friendly restaurant. Asian fast fresh fusion. Owner, Jeff Hancock is always willing to accommodate WFPB!

  16. Fearings - I’ve never been here but I’ve heard that they offer a separate vegetarian menu that you can ask for. I’m pretty sure you can ask for no oil accommodations.

  17. Sachet - Mediterranean food on Oak Lawn. I understand they have several veggie and legume oriented starters that can be vegan, in addition to a few main dishes. You will have to ask about oil accommodations.

  18. 'Gloria’s Latin Cuisine - There are many locations all around the metroplex. They have a separate Vegan menu, so be sure TO ASK for it. You can ask them to omit the oil when they prepare your tacos.

  19. **Peace, Love, & Eatz - A new plant based vegan restaurant started by a WFPB family that could not find any dine out options when they wanted to go out. Smoothies, bowls, juices and delicious sammy’s and meals. We need to support James McGee and his family, and thank them for providing all of us another WFPB option!

  20. Al Biernat’s - Longtime upscale steak and seafood place that has a separate vegan menu now! Two locations: Oaklawn and Spring Valley.

  21. Rusty Taco - The Rusty Taco at Inwood between Forest and Harvest Hill has been very accommodating to our WFPB members. We helped them create The Doyle Plant Based Special for 2 people. Ask for this when you go! Thanks to owner Conner Cupit for working with us to make accommodations for all of us WFPB-No Oil eaters!

  22. Flower Child - Three locations now here in Dallas: Preston Royal, Inwood Village and Addison. You need to watch the oil in some dishes. Salads are usually safe if you tell them to put the dressing on the side. I ask for half a lemon and lime to use as a dressing. They also have a big table of condiments to use including tamari/Braggs, vinegars, srirachi…

  23. Viridescent Kitchen- A new place that just opened July 27, 2019 in Plano, and we cannot wait to visit. Update coming soon!

  24. El Palote-