POPCORN: The no FAT way!

OK, so I have seen and heard of this on various blogs, so I finally tried it.  You will need: regular uncooked popcorn in the bag (go organic since most corn is GMO), a microwave, a paper bag, Braggs Spray Liquid Aminos, and Nutritional Yeast.

Put about 1/4 c popcorn in a paper bag, and microwave on popcorn setting, or 2 1/2 - 3 minutes until the popping subsides.  Dump popcorn immediately into large bowl, or on a large tray, andspray gently with Braggs Amino, while gently mixing.  Do not overspray, as it will be way to salty (my first attempt).  Continue to mix, and sprinkle with nutritional yeast, and mix well.   Enjoy with a good movie!