plant based for beginners

Getting Started on a Whole Foods Plant Based Way of Eating

Where do you start?  The key is to have your fridge filled with prepped foods ready to assemble into a meal.  Once every 5-10 days, I spend a morning prepping veggies.  I cut up any of the following: onions, cabbage, red/yellow/green bells, jalapenos, carrot shreds, beet shreds, cilantro, etc, and place them in mason jars (quart or pint), labeled with date on jar(masking tape/sharpee).  Having the date on the jar helps me to know what to use first, so that I don't end up throwing away anything.  Then I will steam or cook broccoli, mushrooms and potatoes (red or sweet) to have for the week.  Next I will cook one pot of beans to use for the week.  Canned is fine, but I like to save money and cook my own when I have the time. So my fridge has veggies, beans, and a whole grain ready for use.  Now all I am missing are the greens.  Keep a large supply of mixed greens on hand. 

Ready to make a Buda bowl?  In a large bowl put a handful of greens, add whatever fresh and cooked veggies you want, and don't be stingy.  You'll eat more than you think you could, and that is ok!  It takes more to fill up your stomach when you are not eating oils, animal products and processed foods!  Top with salsa, and heat up in toaster oven or microwave.  Top with avocado, pumpkin seeds, squeeze of lime/lemon.  Stir and enjoy!