Build A Meal Swap Big Success

Well last night we had our first ever, Build A Meal Swap.  For those of you curious about how we did it, go to my resources page, and see the flyer instructions I used.  Some of the jar contents were raw, some blanched, some fully cooked.  I'll be posting videos soon on how to cook grains/beans in the Instant Pot.  Attendees ranged from 20 something working kids, all the way to Empty Nesters wanting to eat healthy! 

The actual swap was a bit hectic, and more like a three ring circus, but everyone ended up excited to take home 12 jars of freshly prepared veggies, grains and legumes.  This weeks' meal preps for the 16 attendees will be quick and easy.  Instant bowls or meals at our fingertips: Southwestern (add salsa), Thai (add coconut milk, red curry paste), Chinese (add soy sauce, fresh ginger), Italian (add canned compliant pizza sauce)...And most were asking "When will we do this again?".  A great idea, thanks to Sharon Keeler, that we will most certainly continue!

Interested in hosting your own jar swap? Watch the two videos below for a quick look at one of our jar swap meetings live!