Oodles of Noodles: What is a spiralizer?

A fun way to eat your veggies is by using a Spiralizer!  We all know that fresh zucchini noodles are a healthier option than a processed pasta noodle we buy in a box.  I have a Paderno tabletop spiralizer that works great.  It has several large suction cups that anchor it to your counter top, which make it very easy to use!

I have spiralized zucchini, potato, and sweet potato so far!  But that is just the tip of the iceberg!  What about eggplant, turnip, beets, carrots, butternut squash?  All good ideas! 

Once the veggie is spiralized, stir fry just a bit to heat up, and then add your favorite sauce (balsamic or flavored vinegar, hummus, creamy nut sauce, salsa, marinara...)!

Check out my video using my Paderno Spiralizer!