What I learned from listening to the Food Revolution Summit last April

Today I was able to listen to three different speakers address a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. William Li, Dr. Joel Furhman, and Dr. Kelly Turner.  I'll summarize some important take-home messages I heard:

1. Angiogenesis is defined as the development of new blood vessels, and it is very important when discussing the growth, or inhibition of cancer cells.  Angiogenesis keeps cancer growing by constantly creating new blood vessels to supply blood to the tumors.  If we can determine how to cut off that blood supply, then we can look at how to STOP cancer in our bodies.

2. There are known foods that STOP angiogenesis, and we need to keep these foods in our diets so that our bodies continue to fight off cancer development.  All cruciferous vegetables, when chewed very well, release and produce isothiocyanates (ITCs) which interfere with cancer, and inhibit angiogenesis.  This cuts off the blood supply that feeds the cancer.  Cruciferous veggies create an environment that is anti-angiogenesis.

3. Cook your tomatoes to get maximum lycopene released.  Add a healthy fat to increase absorption of the lycopene (walnuts, olives, cashews, flax meal...).  Lycopene consumption fights breast and prostate cancer, and reduces your risk of getting them.

4.  Drink Green Tea at least 3x/week to lower your risk of colon cancer and skin cancer.  It also anti-angiogenic, meaning it inhibits the creation of new blood vessel development.

5. Cinnamon is also anti-angiogenic.  Sprinkle in coffee, on oatmeal, in breads, cakes, desserts, soups, and on fresh fruits!

6. About 70% of all cancers are preventable with diet.  We heard this several times in all three talks.  Animal foods encourage angiogenesis, thus they feed cancer.

7. High Blood Pressure?  Try adding 2-3 T flax meal to your daily foods.  Impressive results.

8.  I need to check out this book: Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Kelly Turner.  Over 1000 studies in medical journal publications of cancer reversals, and complete remission and healing.

Looking forward to hearing more this week on the Food Revolution.  Not too late to join this FREE summit!