Finally out on Netflix, What The Health!!!!!

After much anticipation, the new documentary, What The Health, is now available on Netflix!  I watched it with my daughter, Alice, and after just 15 minutes into the film, she was already posting about it on Facebook.  I kept wanting to stop, rewind, and take notes.  There was a plethora of good information presented, and I'll need to watch it at least 2 more times to get it all!  I don't see how someone can watch that movie, and not have a change of heart   I am hoping this will be a catalyst for many, especially those already suffering from some sort of disease.

We have heard just this week: two more friends diagnosed with prostate cancer, and two young mothers with colon cancer.  It is time for a lifestyle change that will heal disease.  Our medical doctors are great at treating disease, but they do not know how to prevent and reverse disease.  Our government is controlled by money, and even our own USDA does not have our health in their best interest.  It is and has always been about the money. 

Each of us needs to take control of our own lives.  We cannot depend on our doctors and government to take care of us anymore.  It's the food my friends, it's the food!