Is This For Real?

With the new documentary out, What The Health, there has been lots of conversation about this new way of eating/living.  I've had several people trying to convince me that this documentary, along with The China Study, Forks Over Knives, Eat To Live, etc are all bogus, and not true.


Well Pat and I are not here to try and prove what is right scientifically, or what is wrong.  All we can do is look at the clinical signs that we have experienced eating plant based and make decisions on what WE have experienced.  All the signs point to YES, this way of eating and living brings us toward a healthier way of life!  A few of our results that cannot be argued:

1.  Our weight has dropped!  I went down three sizes, Pat dropped 2 sizes.

2. Our cholesterol numbers have plummeted from above 200, now in the 140-160 range.

3. My hSCrp, which was once over 5.0 (high risk) for a decade, is now obsolete, = zero.

4. No stomachache, no headache, no infection, no sinus issues...NADA for 2 years plus.  Oh wait, there was that horrific stomachache we both had after we downed the small mini bluebell ice-cream (less than 6 oz) they handed out free at a community event. #dairyneveragain

5. Have not bought a box of kleenex for 2 years!

6. No more need for naps at 3:00 everyday. 

7. We wake at 4:45 am for morning workout, and we go to bed between 9-10:00 every night!

8. More energy than we had in our 30's!  

9. My age spots on my face disappeared!

10.  No problems with constipation, EVER EVER EVER.  

11.  Bad breath issues disappeared when meat and dairy left our bodies.

12.  Oh and maybe an important one saved for last...our cancer has not returned in either of us! We really do feel that we are doing everything we can to keep our cells in a cancer fighting mode.  Everything we put into our mouths we ask, "Will this feed or fight the cancer that might be lurking in our bodies?" #plantsfightcancer

So when someone tries to put up an argument, our response is always, "Well, it has worked miracles in our own lives",  and that is really about all we can say.